Sunday, August 29, 2010

League of legends

I will start a guide for various heroes in League of Legends. I will focus on carries mostly, and tactics for getting your team on the right track to success. Basically, I will tell you what you need to do to win. The rest is up to you and your skills.

Feel free to comment and contribute with your game experiences and different takes on playing styles and such.

First up will be everyone's favorite plague rat, Twitch. Stay tuned !


  1. Awesome, I need a LoL guide, currently suck at it far too much.

    Of course, if you want check out my blog:

  2. Nice dude, even though I'm a Guild Wars fan myself

  3. Checkin out some cool new blogs dude. Kill some time at mine. Good for some laughs

  4. Great game tried before but bored so much then. so i quit. cheers...

  5. showing my support following.
    Follow back :)

  6. Thanks, sounds interesting.